Greetings Extended Campers!                                      9/3/21

We hope everyone had a great summer!  
This will be the final reservation before many of you reach the 3 year move rule. We understand many of you are not pleased with this prospect. This plan was implemented to address several issues including but not limited to; 
  • People having prime sites and never moving off for others to use them.
  • Campers becoming too comfortable in a site and treat it as their own private property; erecting structures, adding a lot of clutter, and installing other permanent features.
Addressing the violation of rules, the department has streamlined these and included them in an Extended Camping Agreement. In the future we expect a higher level of compliance. Adams County Parks are public facilities and sites are rented for your temporary use and not private property. Providing campers comply with all rules, we will continue to evaluate department goals and the need for a length of stay limit over the next year. 
Whether you’re camping for two nights or for an extended period, Adams County Parks reserves the right to adjust site assignment and you could be asked to vacate or change your campsite for any number of reasons. In the future the Parks Department plans to set a goal of equal percentages of yearly, seasonal, and daily / weekly sites, when sites are vacated the department will evaluate each and determine its availability for future use. 
Highlights moving towards the 2022 camping season:

Seasonal campers are reminded that the season ends Oct. 15 for most units. Your stay can be extended for $9.84 / night, should you want to stay longer. Keep in mind that water may be shut off any time after Oct. 1st depending on weather conditions. 2022 Seasonal site reservations will open the first week of January. Please check our website ( later this year for exact dates and times.

Yearly campers this year your annual reservation was prorated to end on Oct. 15. Future yearly reservations will revert back to the year timeframe with the dates of Oct. 15, 2021 – Oct. 15, 2022. The fees remain the same at $2,370 Regular / $2,800 Lakefront, and a $40 processing fee (this processing fee will be waived if paying for the site in full by Oct 15). These reservations will be entered in the next week or two. If your reservation follows these standard dates your first payment of $602.50 will be due on Oct 15, 2021 with the following payment schedule;

1st Payment $602.50 Due by Oct 15, 2021
2nd Payment $602.50 Due by Jan 13, 2022
3rd Payment $602.50 Due by Apr 13, 2022
4th Payment $602.50 Due by Jul 12, 2022
This payment schedule is the minimum payment schedule with a payment falling every 90 days. You may choose to make monthly payments of $200.84 ahead of time, so long as we have received the minimum amounts due by the deadlines above. The system will automatically charge a $25 late fee when payments are late. Once your reservation is entered you will receive email confirmation and a payment schedule. We will also mail you a copy along with an Extended Camper Agreement that you need to fill out and return with your first payment of $602.50. After Oct. 15 you have the option of moving to a different extended stay site that may open up.

We look forward to the fall season and getting ready for next year. We appreciate your continued support as we strive to keep Adams County your recreation destination!

Thank you! If you have any questions or comments, please talk to your park manager.